It is a pleasant afternoon, family or friends enjoying conversation when at one point, no one can recall the name of a 90’s R&B singer or the star of an action pic from a few years ago.

There is joshing about the fact that no one remembers the name. And I jokingly say, “Please…, sometimes I can’t remember what it was that I forgot yesterday.”

One of the younger people says, “What?” Or sports a blank look, baffled about what I said. However, someone fifty years or older thinks about it for a moment; then breaks into a smile before…

Schools should be safe havens for children where adults prepare them for future challenges. Sometimes, however, an adult can inflict painful wounds.

Imagine that you are a bright, enthusiastic child who loves to read. And to write without being bidden to do so. A child whose mind is overflowing with the stories she wants to write.

Enter a well-meaning teacher whose goal is having her students excel with passing grades more than she wants them to be thinkers. The interpretation of language skills did not extend to classroom writing. However, we were encouraged to use the library where all manner…

Tension stalks four young deer as they browse on twigs and vines in the grove. Tails are half-raised and legs stiffened while their eyes check the woods frequently. At the first sign of danger, they will escape.

A sunny mid-October morning has replaced the chill of the night. The tree crowns have thinned, and leaves of red and tawny gold rain down on the animals. Decomposing leaves give the air a sweet musky smell. Another scent rides the air; that of does ready to mate in the seasonal rut ensuring new fawns will be born in the spring.
— …

The other night I heard distraught whimpering coming from Symona’s room.
“Why are you crying Symona?”
“Because you said you’re taking my glasses back.”
Puzzled I responded “The screw is broken, so I need to take them to be fixed”
To that, she continued crying “But then I won’t be able to see!”

She was about 3 years old when I started to notice the way she would watch or look at things. She would either come right up close to it or look at it with her head tilted slightly to the left and one eye pinched shut. …

I hate to vacuum. It’s necessary, but I hate it all the same.

As a solution, my husband decided to buy this expensive vacuum that is supposed to change and revolutionize my life.

I’d been using it for the last few weeks and was still uninspired. So this week I called the man to come to pick up the machine before the 30-day trial was complete.

When he arrived I shared my reasons for returning it. Among my list of complaints was the fact that it wasn’t picking up dirt and it was extremely heavy to push.

Taking one look…

I am a writer.
Stringing words together harmoniously is my superpower!

I am an editor.
Organizing, structuring, and creatively putting manuscripts together is my superpower!

I am a teacher.
I engagingly and patiently break down content to build MONUMENTS of knowledge.

I know my superpowers.

A few weeks ago I was in my classroom working on something. A visitor to my room, pointed at a chart and said “who wrote that?”

“I did”

Laughing hysterically, she said, “how can you say writing and teaching are your superpowers and you can’t spell vegetable?”

One or two years ago, her comment would…

Vikas Sethi

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